A New Beginning – July 3


A tiny bout of homesickness this week for the lady of the house and me.  It’s the week of Independence Day and we won’t be in Mayville.  In the last 25+ years I’ve missed the parade, well, never.  I’ve been late a couple times when I had to leave Senior High Conference.  But the parade followed by chicken barbecue in the park has been a constant for us for a very long time.

But not this year.  I probably could have made it up there but my life is here now.  I need to honor that and move on.  The parade is in good hands tomorrow as The Kid will be solo-ing for her first time.  She has co-hosted with me for several years now and knows the drill.  I’m sure she will be nervous but I have every confidence.  She has all the skills she needs to be great.

But it makes me homesick.  Just a little.

There are other reminders here.  There are lots of signs pointing to “Jamestown” (the historic settlement in Virginia), just down the road is “Southside Plaza” (with, it must be said, a much better parking lot than it’s twin in WNY), then there’s “Hopewell” (the lady of the house’s HS was so named) and “Gateway Center” (same name as where my dad worked for many years).

This too shall pass.  We are finding new friends and new favorites and it continues to feel more like home every day.

In other news…

Weather – Yes, it’s hot.  And humid.  When it starts to wear on me I think about snow.  And how a really bad winter down here is 20 inches of it.  Then I smile and move on.  When in doubt, hit the pool.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • Let’s see, grumpy people check…..um, nope.  Still nothing but nice folk.
  • FINALLY FOUND A PLACE THAT SERVES CANADIAN BEER! They had Southern Tier Brewing IPA too.  The Fox and Hound on Robius.  We had dinner there.  I had a Stella Artois.  Sorry, an homage to Belgian football.
  • Sunscreen needs to be a regular part of my life now.  Not just every now and then.

It’s a new beginning.


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