A New Beginning – July 17


Don’t have a lot to add this week because I spent most of last week in Philadelphia.

Which was fun but not really part of this series of posts.

I am struck by the racial diversity I encounter on a daily basis here.  Living in rural/small town WNY there was a very limited diversity to the community.  Not so here.  Many more people of all races and religions.  Many more mixed couples of all descriptions.  And it seems to be “No Big Deal”.  I am in no position to have an opinion on the state of race relations in central Virginia and the Richmond area but it just feels different here.  It feels better.  More relaxed, maybe?Maybe I’ll learn otherwise but that’s my feeling so far.

In other news…

Weather – I caught myself thinking how cool the forecast for this week was when it was all low to mid 80’s.  Which IS, in fact, quite cool for this time of year.  I think I’m acclimatizing.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • The grumpy people census remains at zero.  I’m serious, everyone I’ve met has been nice and cheerful.  Not cheerleader perky kind of happy but happy.
  • Saturn (the now sadly defunct auto manufacturer) clearly sold a lot more cars here than WNY.  I do not go a day without seeing at least one and usually several.  Many different models and years.  Currently I see a fair number of Fiat 500’s, and Minis.  And BMWs.
  • We’ve checked out a couple of eating places. The two that stood out are the Midlothian Apothecary (which has an old school lunch counter and some majorly good chocolate shakes).  A true, old fashioned neighborhood kind of place.  Really enjoyed it.  Also checked out the food trucks!  There’s a food truck “court” somewhere in the Richmond area, pretty much every night of the week.  Thursday it’s at the Huguenot Road Baptist Church.  Tonight they had about 7 trucks serving everything from hot dogs to Greek to crepes (savory or sweet) plus gelato.  There was also a live band playing oldies rock (including “Freebird”!).  There was even some dancing!  OK, all by small children.   It was relaxed and fun.  Basically my first experience with a real food truck meal.  Got a “Carytown Burger” which was quite good.  The Lady Donna had a black bean burger with guacamole that she said was very good too.

It’s a new beginning.


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