A New Beginning – July 24


Something silly and something sad this week.

Bad news first.  I have never been in a city anywhere and seen this many, what to call them, panhandlers, beggars, homeless people looking for some help.  I have certainly seen them in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, NYC, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco and more.  But I have seen more in my driving around in Richmond than anywhere else.  I think I was over by VCU at one point and saw one at every intersection for five straight blocks.  It’s sad in so many ways.  And I’m not quite sure how to react.

On the silly side, will someone please tell me how I keep losing my lady wife in an 1,100 square foot apartment?!?!?!?  Can not tell you the number of times I will wander completely around this little place and not be able to find her.

In other news…

Weather – Temps and humidity dipped then soared this week.  I felt chilled when it was in the ’70s, so I’m definitely acclimating.

Things I’ve discovered this week:

  • The grumpy people census remains at zero. This is what, two months now?  It’s hard to imagine but no one has been cross or surly or ill mannered.  Welcome to the South, I guess.
  • Been exploring coffee shops (which is a challenge since I drink neither coffee nor tea) as “alternate office space”.  There is a big section of the air conditioning unit for the building where my office is that is being replaced.  So my office (second floor, one small window) is fairly unlivable.  So I’m trying other places to work.  And, YES, I’m actually being productive.
  • Not so much eating out this week.  Tried a pizza place on Cary St. that had been recommended to us, Mellow Mushroom.  Very nice.  Had a nice Virginia beer too, Liberation lager from the South Street Brewery in Charlottesville.  Nice crisp, German style lager.

It’s a new beginning.


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