Exploring Richmond – Episode 2

As we continue our intentional exploration of our new home I will, from time to time, offer these special posts.

So we tried again for a Farmer’s Market.  There’s a big sign saying there’s one every Saturday all summer just down the road from us.  We saw no other sign of said Farmer’s Market and decided to just move along to the next item on the list.

Which was a stab at the market we had failed to find on our first journey.  This time we headed to the right place, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Richmond.  When we got there we were greeted by live music, friendly people, LOTS of fresh veggies, fruit, cheese, eggs, meat and more (beer soap!).  It was everything we were hoping for and someplace we intend to check out on a regular basis.  We got some fresh tomatoes and onions and eyed the cheeses, soups and even fresh oysters.  Ok, I eyed the oysters, my Lady Wife declined.

Just part of the market place

We included two wine stores in our journey today and were impressed by both of them.  Corks and Kegs, and Once Upon A Vine (South)  both offer excellent selections of both wine and beer.  The staff at both locations were friendly and helpful.  We grabbed a bottle of a Virginia red at each place.  We selected a Cabernet Franc from Jefferson Vineyards, and the Spotsylvania Claret from Lake Anna Winery.  We popped the claret open when we got home and quite happy with it so far.  Lovely color, just a little peppery and smoooth in the mouth. (That extra “o” was intentional).  Both wineries are just over an hour away, so we may go visiting.

The rest of our exploration was a return to “Carytown”.  This is a funky and fun part of the west side of Richmond that is filled with cool shops and restaurants.  We hit Nacho Mama’s for lunch.  The carnitas cubano, and quesadilla were fabulous.  Another amazing Mexican (fusion this time) meal in central Virginia.

After that we strolled down Cary Street and just enjoyed the energy, the fun, the cool stores like Plan 9 Music, Guitar Works, and World of Mirth.  That only scratches the surface of where we visited and where we want to return.  Carytown is going to be a regular part of our lives here in the Richmond area.

It was a great day.  The weather has been quite mild for this time of year (highs only in the low 80s, lol!) with lots of sunshine.  Too nice to stay inside!

Still so much more to explore!


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