Time to Get Real – Week of August 11


Yes, I was AWOL last week.

When I got on the scale the number was so bad I just didn’t want to deal with it.  I did NOT cross the 200 threshold but I came within sniffing distance of it.

I just couldn’t face it.  In fact, I spent most of the week in a funk.  At the same time I got my eating back under some kind of control and hit the gym a little more often.  I just felt unhappy.

And a little bit of good came from that.  Net change over two weeks is only a single pound.  I hit the gym this morning.  We begin again.

I still struggle when I’m in a restaurant.  I’m fine at home but somehow the control part of my brain shuts off in a restaurant.  There are times when you can let go and have some fun.  But that’s in the “special treat” category.  I refuse to simply give up eating out.  I’ve said it before, if the only way I can lose weight is by eating crap food and not enjoying what I eat then I’ll be overweight.

But I’ve proven it doesn’t have to be that way.  I’ve been “The Guy”.

My resolution remains :

I want to am going to be The Guy again.

The next milestone is getting back below 190.  I will get there and go on.

Official Weigh In Weight

196.8 pounds

Weight Change this week – pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date – 8.0 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/30


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