A New Beginning – September 4


Things have been busy but I’m trying to get back into my routine.

We are now three.  The Little Lady in My Life (LLiML?) has joined us.  On her visits down here she has really enjoyed the area and the hospitality.  So she decided to just make the move.  There wasn’t a lot in the way of prospects in central New York.  She’s had several interviews so far and we’re hoping for some good news soon.  The apartment is a little tight but so far, so good.

Not sure how I managed to avoid mentioning this (could it be you’ve been very lax in your posting, hmmmm?  Oh, shut up) but we’ve found an interesting web site for folks looking to expand their social circle.  It’s called “Meet Up”.  Groups looking for new members post their meetings and events and invite folks to join.  We are looking to expand our circle so we explored.  Found a couple of interesting wine groups, a writing group for me and then we hit pay dirt.  The “Midlothian Married Boomers Dinner Club”.  Um, hello?  So we signed up for an event and met up with three other couples at a local restaurant we had wanted to try anyway (Wild Ginger, the food was incredible!) and met some new folks.  Had a great time too. I’m hoping to join the writing group next week (with LLiML in tow) and we really want to do one of the wine group events too.  So far we’ve been pretty happy with the possibilities of Meet Up (meetup.com).  You go to the website and tell them where you live and find out what groups are meeting.  Simple.

  • Grumpy Virginian Census – Still at zero.  Closest are drivers who are slightly testy.  Nothing to compare to a really hacked off NY driver but I have to work with what I have down here.
  • The car is now completely Virginia legal.  Couldn’t resist the Parrothead plates. 10570493_10152792171245934_961942571731570161_n
  • Still experimenting with brunch places.  Checked out Kitchen 64 in Richmond.  Love living in a place where all kinds of things are only about 30 minutes away.  Good food, good prices, very good service.  And the joint was PACKED!  Families, old folks, young folks, great mix.  Over near Movieland (ooh, more on that next week!), the ballpark and one of the legendary barbecue places that we haven’t hit yet.

It’s a new beginning.


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