A New Beginning – September 11


It’s that date again.

That date that will never be the same for any of us.  When we take a moment and remember where we were and what we did.  For some of us it’s a date when we remember who we lost.

This date will never be the same for us.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t both remember and move on with our lives.  If we let ourselves be trapped by it then the bad guys win.  They chain us to their event and their desires.

I remember.  Then in the memory of the innocents who died I go back to living my life.  Because that’s the best memorial.

You have probably noticed that I really like the movies.  So I was very excited when I discovered Movieland at Boulevard Square.  Modern theater complex in the building that used to house an old railroad engine assembly factory.  Wonderful reuse of an old industrial building.  17 stadium seating theaters, hot food concessions, beer and wine bar, all digital sound and projection.  Saturday and Sunday mornings they show classic films (coming up – “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, “Laura” and “The Hustler”).  They also do an “Insomnia Theater” for cult classics Friday and Saturday nights.  (“The Fly”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”).  They also have a smaller cinema (4 stadium seating theaters) just across the parking lot, called the “Criterion Cinemas” that specializes in Indie, Art and Documentary films.  I saw “A Most Wanted Man” there last week.

Just inside the front door…

So this is pretty much movie lover heaven.  There’s actually a lot of cool stuff in that neighborhood so I may to do a little more exploring.

  • Grumpy Virginian Census – Nice people.  As far as the eye can see.
  • It’s kind of funny.  There are people who are very concerned about where in the building my office is.  I’m not one of them, as I keep telling everyone.  But I may be moving sometime soon.  I’m OK with that too.  It’s just funny that it seems to bother people.  I am going to stop hanging pictures for the time being, 🙂
  • Hmmm, no new places on the eating routine.  A return visit to Burger Bach in Carytown (very nice, high end burger joint) and Urban Farmhouse, which is just down the road from us.  Lots of organic, locally grown stuff on the menu there.

It’s a new beginning.


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