A New Beginning – September 18

einstein_www-txt2pic-comKind of a quiet week, that was inevitable.  First full week of The Kid headed out the door bright and early for her new (FULL TIME!!!) job.   She seems to enjoy the work and the people so I am over the moon for her.

This week saw Sunday School getting cranked back up so the life of a congregational Youth Minister starts getting busy.  Which is also very cool.

Did something new this week – a food truck rodeo.  Food trucks are just becoming a thing in WNY but they are HUGE down here.  The local mall invited 30 some of the trucks for a big event.  Live music, the whole deal.  It reminded the whole family of the atmosphere at WingFest in Buffalo, just on a slightly smaller scale.

The problem was that they were expecting about 6,000 people and got twice that number.  We decided to go there for dinner and discovered a third of the trucks were already closed (with several hours of the event left!) or operating on limited menus.  Not surprisingly, the real veterans (Carytown Burger and Bako Taco) were going strong right to the last minute.  I hope folks will take this as a good sign and be ready for the big crowds next time.  It was actually a lot of fun, other than the long lines at the remaining trucks.

Also checked out a classic car show at New Kent Winery, towards Williamsburg.  We like several of their wines (one of the best lightly oaked Chardonnays I’ve ever had) and the car show was outstanding (Photos).

  • Grumpy Virginian Census – Another week of zero.  I may have to retire this category.
  • The office move discussion is well underway.  We looked at 9 possible locations (including my current one).  Some would require some large-scale construction, some just some small-scale, some were judged to be too small, several would simply create new problems.  Wherever the final decision places me is fine with me.
  • On the eating front, since we’re all trying to be good we haven’t done much eating out.  See note about food truck rodeo above, plus we checked out the Rock Bottom in Short Pump.  Part of a good-sized chain (lots of them in CA and CO, I note).  The joint was jumping on a Saturday evening.  Food was good all round.  The Kid had Chicken and Bacon Mac & Cheese, I had a Brewhouse Chicken and my Lady Wife had Chicken Enchiladas.  Guacamole for starters and a couple of desserts.  Delicious!

It’s a new beginning.


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