A New Beginning – September 25


What a week this has been!  First and foremost, we are now a fully employed, Virginia family!  Both the Kid and my Lady Wife now have jobs, both full time and with benefits.  I can certainly attest that there was much rejoicing.

I am slightly less sanguine about her Ladyship noting that now, for the first time in her adult life, she could support herself.  Why does that sound like “Be on your best behavior bub, you are no longer indespensible”.  I will hold fast to my belief that I am kept around for more than just my money making abilities.

The Kid has spun up to speed quite well.  Her new employers are much impressed at her ability to jump right in and succeed.  Me?  Expected nothing less from The Gifted One.  Her Ladyship does some training in Norfolk (2 our commute each way) then settles in at the new Richmond office.  All very cool.

  • Grumpy Virginian Census – I’m thinking of poking a Virginian with a stick to see how long it takes to make one grumpy.
  • I am puzzled by a new (at least to me) phenomenon.  Parking on bridges.  When I drive up the Powhite into Richmond I go by a series of bridges where people are parked down either side, with traffic flowing in between.  Given that I lived mostly in small towns and cities perhaps my experience is lacking but still.  Just seems weird to me.
  • Dieting is doing OK, eating discipline is described elsewhere on this blog.  New restaurant that really impressed us is The Conch Republic Rocketts.  Fun atmosphere, right by the river and the food was quite good.

We continue to enjoy exploring our new home.  That bridge parking just weirds me out though.

It’s a new beginning.


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