A New Beginning – October 23


Temperature is much on our minds these days.

The temperatures recently have been “cooler”, meaning we are no longer near 80.  Daytime highs are in the low 70s with overnight lows just dipping below the 50s this week.

It’s the middle of October.  My northern born and bred seasonal timeline keeps thinking it’s September.  I was walking around last week, at close to 9 PM in just short sleeves and thinking “It’s a little cool tonight”.  IN MID-OCTOBER.

I’m not sure where that leaves the leaves.  One of my favorite time of year is when the leaves turn from summer green to the flames of Autumn.  Golden yellows, bright reds and oranges are the color of fall.  For that to happen you need one or two good cold snaps.  Temperatures down around freezing with a good hard frost.

Not gonna happen when it only goes down to 46 at night.  So maybe those colors will arrive later.  I’m not sure I see the kinds of oak and maple trees that really bring the colors that I love in abundance here so that may change the fall for me as well.

Might be time to drive west and see what’s happening in the mountains.

  • 147 days without a rude Virginian. But with a caveat.  The other day in Carytown we were walking along when the streak might have been broken.  Now imagine this – two lanes of a one way street.  Car #1 is in the lane nearest us, Car #2 is pulling out of parking spot on the other side of the street.  Car #2 stayed in their near lane the whole time but Car #1 wasn’t having any of it.  Starting well in advance of getting to the secnd car he leans on his horn.  Not a quick little “hey, keep your eyes open” toot but a lean on it and hold it blast until he was a full car length past the other car.  Everyone on the sidewalk was looking at the action and thinking “What is his problem?”.  My problem here is that no one in my group is positive that it was a Virginia plate.  We’re pretty sure but not positive.  So I will err on the side of politeness and just note a (1) until we hit a confirmed rudeness.
  • I am happy to say I am almost totally recovered from my little accident two weeks ago.
  • I was interviewed by two local TV stations last week.  We had a minor break in at the church and they interviewed the staff who was available.  Pretty silly but also kind of cool.

It’s a new beginning.


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