A New Beginning – December 4


Six Months.

We have just passed the six month mark.

Seems like we’ve been here longer.  We have definitely fallen in love with Richmond and the surrounding area.

Great selection of food, entertainment, historical sites, places to get out and enjoy the great out of doors.

Fabulous people too.  This is a truly wonderful area.

The local wine industry still has a way to go to match New York.  On the other hand the weather here is much to my preference (it was 58 degrees yesterday).  No, I don’t miss the snow and cold.  Not even a little bit.  A bit of decorative snow around Christmas and I’m good.

It’s less than three hours to the ocean or the mountains or Washington DC.  Williamsburg, which is one our favorite places in the world, is just over an hour away.  We can be pretty much anywhere in the greater Richmond area in 30 minutes.  There’s a Jazz cafe Thursday evenings at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum.  There are festivals.  So many festivals.  Carytown.  Shockoe Bottom.  Church Hill.  The Fan.

And you know what’s really cool?

There’s still so much more to explore!

Let the next six months begin.

  • I am closing the hunt for rude Virginians.  I think they’re mythological.  No doubt everyone will be rude to me today.
  • NaNoWriMo update:I did not make the 50,000 word mark but I broke 30,000, which is no small thing.  Since I was continuing an existing project I ran into the problem that I have already written most of the story.  I don’t think there was another 20,000 left to write.  Now we begin piecing it together and filling whatever cracks are left.
  • I am actually going to play my guitar in public for the first time (I played a couple times at summer camp but I don’t count that.)  At the Christmas Pageant we will be singing “Silent Night”, which was originally played on guitar.  Kinda cool.  Couple more weeks to practice.  Need them!

It’s a new beginning.


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