At the End of the Year

Obviously I’ve been taking a little break here.  I promise that I will be back in the new year.  I have several goals for 2015 and will chronicle them here.  That includes finally turning the corner on my weight loss, a writing project or two and more.  I have high hopes for next year.

This year I picked up some new followers and want to make sure I say thank you!

There’s Natalie at The Girl In The Little Black Dress – among other things she does some cool things with photos.

Thomas follows me as well.  How can I not love a blog called Covered in Beer? Cool blog and definitely my kind of guy.

Asewalson is also a writer who got started a little later in life. As she says, her blog is a little bit of everything.

Vonj offers some inspiration and music at Vonj Productions.

Ramona Crisstea is another fashion blogger.

Stephanie is working on eating better and losing weight at My Clean Eating Experiment  It appears she has a lot more will power than I do.  Go Stephanie!

Caroline looks at life as a writer, mother, woman of faith and cancer survivor at Beautiful Life With Cancer

I’m not exactly sure how to describe what’s going on over at the bippity boppity beautiful blog except to say that it looks really cool.  They describe it as “My emphasis is on becoming beautiful and all things that are beautiful: cultures, traveling, faith, change/conversion, books, movies, family, friends,etc. It’s meant to be a positive yet realistic outlook on life and the individual. Check it out if you like!”

Then we have the young women who are trying to change their country and the fashion industry through modeling.  No, seriously.  It’s an interesting idea.  Columbian Cuties.

Ryan  is doing some really cool writing posts at A Writer’s Path

The Zeit is a blog about exercise, diet, health and well being.  I love the line in their “About” section that says “Not everything out there is a lie”.  They try to help you figure out which is which.

Yeah, that’s an interesting group.

In going back over my followers for this blog I discover that I have 95!  The ones above were those who started following me in the last three months.  I didn’t list several that seemed to be more personal listings or that seemed like obvious business pitches.  There were even a couple that seem to have gone dark.

My thanks to ALL of you who are following this project of mine.  I hope you find something interesting in it.  I’ll try to be even better in the new year.



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