Creativity, Return of?

If you scroll waaaaaaay back to the beginning of this blog you’ll see I intended this as a place to play with my creative projects.  Then there was a short period of time when it was about travels, wine and beer.  A time of creativity-illo-2posts about finding a new job.  As of the last several months it has become strictly my weight loss blog.  I will certainly continue to blog on Fridays about that process but I do want to expand the breadth of topics again.  Eventually I will get back to my weight goal and then what will I do?  Endless weeks (I hope) of recording how I’m maintaining my new weight?  Don’t know about you but that would bore the snot out of me.

So I will start adding some other posts to the blog once again.  I am still exploring the greater RVA area.  Once the weather warms I think I’ll have lots to add there.  I’ve visited several eating spots that I would love to share.  Biking weather feels like it’s not too far off so we can explore there as well.  Perhaps the occasional jot on beer and wine as well.

But I really want to get back to that “creativity” thing.  As with my health journey, my creative energy ebbs and flows.  One of the ways to channel that is to be more intentional about it and writing about it (guitar and music, various “little projects” and, oh yes, my writing) is a way of being more intentional.

Creativity is something that has always been a part of me.  It expresses itself mostly in some form of storytelling, verbal (oral or written), visual (photography, drawing, acting), musical or in crafting things (I’m not sure how else to express that.  Examples to come).  In my experience I am happiest when some part of my life is being creative.

I suppose that’s something else I should note.  I do not believe that creativity is something that is apart from life.  At its best is always a part of life.  Creativity can be integrated into virtually any part of life.  At least, that is my experience.

For the moment let’s make that enough said.  But I’ll be back to this, I promise.


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