Just a quick update

Life is always an adventure.

A couple weeks back my computer crashed.  Hard.  So then I had to quickly find a computer in my current price range

Courtesy Openglipart.org

Courtesy Openclipart.org

and get it in.  First computer had a malfunctioning power switch so it had to go back.  New computer arrives, works fine.  Have to begin loading my software on it.

Then there’s a glitch (entirely operator error), so I had to go back and re-do some of it.


So I should be back up and running as per usual this week.  The weight loss has continued with its usual lurching progress (?).  I’m hoping that will settle out this week as well.

On the creativity front I’ve gotten too many balls in the air and need to bring a little order to that as well.

Otherwise life is pretty good.

Now that my computer works.


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