So Whatcha Gonna Do?

I am on vacation this week.  With back to back pilgrimage and Vacation Bible School I am ready for some down time.

The question everyone is asking is, “So whatcha gonna do?”

It may not be sexy or exciting but the answer is:


Call it a “stay-cation” or just goofing off but I’m not planning on going anywhere (I do have a family funeral this week but that doesn’t count).  I’ve got my fill of travel for the moment and I just want to stay home.

At the same time I seem to genetically incapable of just “doing nothing”.  So I’ll be doing some reading, getting caught up on my various blogs, uploading pictures from my trip to Italy with the pilgrims, cooking dinner, puttering around the house and probably exploring some more of this still new place where I live.

Other than that, nothing.



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