Doing a Little Design

I have no delusions that I am a graphic artist.

None whatsoever.

But on occasion over the last couple years I’ve had to try a little here and there.  What I discovered was that I kind of enjoy the process.

creativity-illo-2As discussed here before, it shouldn’t be about whether or not you’re “good” or “professional”.  It’s about expressing the inner creativity that I believe all of us have.  I enjoy cooking and the creative process that goes along with that.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy photography.  I have a long term, nagging desire to draw.

If you push several of those things together you end up doing a little graphic design.  Good, bad or indifferent, I enjoy the creative process.  I also turn out some work that is at least OK.

My latest foray into this involved some graphics I need for my other blog.  I’m hoping to start turning out a podcast that is associated with my radio show.  The goal would be to get it up at the iTunes Store.  The best practice for that is to have a logo.  I didn’t have one but I knew what I wanted.  So I fired up my favorite image editor (I use Serif PhotoPlus X4.  Serif is an English company and their software isn’t well-known here in the States but I use several pieces of it and really like it) and tried my hand.  Here’s the iTunes logo for when I need it:



I kind of like it.  Not sure I’m done.  I’m thinking I may go with some color on the gradient instead of just the black.  Even at thumbnail size the important details (the primary words of the title) should be visible.

Perfectly acceptable, meets my needs.  I’m basically happy.

And look, I created something!

I’m working on another “primary” design for the show and website but I’m not happy with it right now.  Need to fix a part of the design that just doesn’t read clearly.  When I’m happier with it I’ll share that too.

The creative journey continues.



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