Some Inspiration – UCI World Championships

I posted last week about hanging out and watching the World Championship bicycle races here Richmond.  Then late last week I saw another portion of the race on TV.  Suddenly there was this great desire to get back on my bike.  I have only ridden once in the year plus that we’ve lived here.  I had a small accident that resulted in me bloodying myself for the first time in years.



The real issue here is that the roads in my immediate area have no berm.  None.  That doesn’t appear to be uncommon in this part of Virginia.  My assumption is that since they don’t need to deal with massive amounts of snow they don’t need that extra space.

But it makes cycling a bit scary for me.  There is no place to go if some driver gets stupid.  As they inevitably do.  The woods are allowed to grow right up to the edge of the road (same reason as no berms I assume) so there is no place to save yourself.  If I were twenty or thirty years younger that might be a bet I would take.  Not so much right now.

So if I want to go biking I have to throw the bike onto the rack and drive somewhere.  And I’m spoiled after living for thirty years in a place where I could just take my bike off the porch, wheel it to the road and be off and riding immediately for miles and miles and miles.

Richmond is an interesting place to bike and is pretty open to having bikes on the roads.  There are a variety of places that I can ride.  The weather for the next couple months will still be perfectly good riding weather.

And I have a goal.  There is a great new trail about to be completed called the Cap2Cap.  It runs from the current capital city of Virginia, Richmond,  to the original, Williamsburg.  It’s about 50 miles long.  My thought is to aim for next year.  But then a quote from my friend and riding buddy the Rev. Eric Williams comes back to me.

Why not now?  You’re not getting any younger.

Nothing like great, honest pastoral counseling, lol.  So maybe this year.  First I need to get back on that bike.

Thanks to the World Championships, I just might do it.


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