Christmas Traditions – Media

Christmas is such a collection of traditions.  Most holidays will gradually develop traditions but I’m not sure there is one that is more prone to be “ruined” if those traditions get bent or left off for a year as Christmas.

With that in mind I thought I’d share a few of ours.

Christmas_TraditionsI am sure no one will be surprised that media plays an important part in my Christmas tradition.  I’ve spent my adult life involved in the media to one way or another.  Some of my traditions –

No Christmas music before December 1 – This one created annual animosity when I was the Music Director at my last radio station.  There was a tradition at some stations of going all Christmas music on Black Friday after Thanksgiving, then backing off again.  Always hated it.  As my holiday joke goes, there are only 14 Christmas songs.  Each one has been recorded a thousand times.  Radio DJs hear all the music over and over and over again.  So I pushed the music back a week.  Some folks hated it.  Didn’t care.  Still don’t.

Christmas Commercials – It’s not really Christmas till I see some of the standard ads of the season.  Growing up it was the “Noelco” Santa zooming over the snow covered hills on the triple head sled.  Today it’s the Hershey Kiss Christmas bell one and the Corona Christmas palm tree.


Last but not least, there are the TV specials and movies that are must sees.  I give the complete list over at my other blog “The View From the Phlipside” (HERE).  The one not listed are videos from Christmases when my daughter was little.  Such fun.

Gotta do it every year.

It’s a tradition.


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