What Would You Do?

 Courtesy of the Virginia Lottery

Courtesy of the Virginia Lottery

We all know it’s a fantasy.  I mean look at those odds.  But eventually someone (or more) IS going to win.  With a little bit of luck it could be me.  Or you.  Heck with this much money, I’ll share.  Just did some quick math and it appears that if I divided it up with every member of my high school graduating class we would each get about 4.7 million each (before taxes).  I’m thinking we would all accept that.

The Richland class of 1976 shouldn’t be counting on me being that generous.  Just saying.  Buy your own.  🙂

None of that stops us from dreaming.

What would you do?

This has been a pastime of many years in my family.  We’ve got a plan.

  • Pay off debts.  Not going to wait.  Fix that problem first.
  • A couple new cars.
  • Line up a trustworthy investment counselor.  And a good attorney.
  • Get an unlisted phone number.  Or maybe just drop that phone all together.
  • Start looking for a house.

After that we have some organizations and charities that would get checks.  Just in case, I think I’ll keep that list to myself.  At the top of the list are organizations with which we have some personal connection.  Quietly help family and friends who are need (knowing that we need to tread softly here).

Then we get the money working for us.  And we travel.  Sure, there are some toys we’d buy.  Computers, cameras, new bicycle, things like that.  The reality is that we are not solid gold faucet types of people.  I have no desire to own a Ferrari or Lamborghini.  If I want to drive one I can fly to Las Vegas and rent one for a couple of hours.  So the list of toys wouldn’t even dent this kind of money.

The reality is that there will be a hundred issues we haven’t even considered.  But I’m willing to deal with those as they come.

We would have to take a look at continuing to work.  I like my job so I’m not in a big hurry.  It would be nice not to have to worry about the day-to-day financial kind of issue.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my stuff.

But why not dream?


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