Time to Change – February 6


Does two weeks qualify as a streak?

Second week with positive movement.


Which means it’s time for my biggest enemy to make his appearance.

The Inner Critic.

It’s that internal voice that delights in telling me that I’m going to fail.  That I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, not good-looking enough, not whatever.  I’ve heard that voice since I was a teen.  Most of us have, I think.  I’m not sure if others are better at dealing with that voice than I am (the Inner Critic assures me that everyone is better at it than I), or if I’m fairly normal.

All it takes is a blip, a tiny slip and that voice oozes into consciousness.  The Inner Critic is loudest when I’m tired, when the going gets tough, or when I’m not sure what to do next.

He has opinions on everything in my life, not just the weight loss.  My writing, my photography, my work, my relationships, you name it and he’s ready to point out every flaw and shortcoming.

When I was younger I referred to him as “The Guy in the Hobnail Boots”.  He stomped around being a pain.  That much hasn’t changed.

What has changed is that I know the little S.O.B. is wrong.  I’m not perfect, but then I’m not really supposed to be.  I’m just supposed to be the best I can be.  I can do this.  And there’s nothing he can do.

As long as I don’t pay him any heed.

One step at a time.

This guy – 2009

My resolution remains :

I want to am going to be The Guy again.  The Guy weighed 175 pounds and looked good and felt good.  And his blood pressure was good and his blood tests were good. (New photo of The Guy)

Watch my activity at my Fitbit page  Step total this week 34,003, average 4,858

The next milestone is getting back below 200.  I will get there and go on.

Official Weigh In Weight

203.4 pounds

Weight Change this week : -1.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date : -1.4 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/25


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