The Creativity Project – Black and White Landscape

In my ongoing attempt to keep the creative side of me flowing (which was the original purpose of this blog), I’ve decided to take on a weekly photo challenge.  It sounded like fun, so I’m giving it a try.  Photos on the blog are reduced to insure faster loading.  So they actually look BETTER than they do here!

Week five was “Landscape-Black and White”. The challenge here was less about the subject than finding the time.  We had a fairly massive snow storm just as the challenge week began.  As in “No Unneccessary Driving” kind of massive.  So I lost several days while the local road crews got caught up.  I had the idea for the image virtually instantly after I read the assignment.  I drive by this view on my way to and from work virtually every day.  It’s been an image I wanted to collect for a while and finally had the time.


An army of giants marching across the landscape near my home


I was happy enough with the shots (and short enough on time) that I didn’t go looking for alternatives.  The original image was actually taken while in the “Night” mode on my camera.  I was really annoyed when I noticed.  I believe the exposure was somewhere around 1/200 and f2.8 or 3.4.  Can’t remember.  I experimented with several different exposures and liked this one best.  It was the lightest and didn’t seem to lose as much detail.  I have slightly tweaked the brightness and the contrast

Next week’s challenge is an Artistic: Candy.  An opportunity to play with lighting and macro shooting.  I’ve done very little close up work, so this will be interesting.

This is part of a year-long photographic challenge.  Dogwood Photography came up with this interesting challenge (HERE) where you have to come up with a photo a week in one of three categories – Portrait, Landscape or Artistic Impression.  Each week has one with a slightly different challenge.

For the folks who are interested in technical type things:

Primary camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd.  It is a 10.0 Megapixel CCD, sensor size is 1/2.3″.  I shoot in the Fine JPEG 3648 x 2736 format and usually in the “Chrome” setting.


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