The Creativity Project – Shadows

In my ongoing attempt to keep the creative side of me flowing (which was the original purpose of this blog), I’ve decided to take on a weekly photo challenge.  It sounded like fun, so I’m giving it a try.  Photos on the blog are reduced to insure faster loading.  So they actually look BETTER than they do here!

This was supposed to post last week.  The Twitter feed even promised it.  Then…nothing.  Pure operator error.  My apologies.

Week nine was “Artistic – Shadows”. If you’ve been following closely you will notice that there was no post for week eight.  That’s a panorama challenge and I’m struggling with it.  So I will circle back around on that one.  I actually went out to shoot a panorama for the challenge and ended up with lots of shots for the following week.  So I gave into my creative process and took what I found.

I played with a variety of images, including some fairly stock ideas like this one:


Technically I suppose the image is fine but it didn’t excite me much.  About a mile further along (I was exploring along the canal and river in Richmond) I found an image that I liked better.  The juxtapositioning of the Army Corps of Engineers castle logo with the crenelated shadow gave me a feeling of castles on multiple levels.  The shadow is actually of the edge of a train trestle.


Next week’s challenge is Portrait – Environmental.  To try and tell the subject’s story by showing them in their environment.

This is part of a year-long photographic challenge.  Dogwood Photography came up with this interesting challenge (HERE) where you have to come up with a photo a week in one of three categories – Portrait, Landscape or Artistic Impression.  Each week has one with a slightly different challenge.

For the folks who are interested in technical type things:

Primary camera is a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd.  It is a 10.0 Megapixel CCD, sensor size is 1/2.3″.  I shoot in the Fine JPEG 3648 x 2736 format and usually in the “Chrome” setting.


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