Time to Change – New Obstacles



Some new challenges this week.

First, the life of a Youth Minister can make controlling diet a challenge.  A huge youth ministry event means that you are surrounded by less than ideal eating options.  Given that this was a three-day event (with another week before that to set up)  and it is a huge potential pothole on the journey.

Immediately after that event, I got sick.  The upside of being sick is that my appetite is generally suppressed.  The downside is that I am the stereotypical sick man.  I’m whiny and feel sorry for myself.  That tends to make me go into comfort eating mode.  I don’t think I’ve been too bad in that respect but this has not been a primo eating week.

What has really suffered is the exercise.  I was worn out the week of the event and sick the week after.


So we take what happens and move on.  The weather is vastly better, so getting out is easier.  I see the bicycle coming out of storage soon.  My plan is to rack up some serious miles this year.

Until then, I have to go blow my nose.

(Turns out, things went better than I expected!)

My resolution remains:

This guy – 2009

I want to am going to be The Guy again.  The Guy weighed 175 pounds and looked good and felt good.  And his blood pressure was good and his blood tests were good. (New photo of The Guy)

Watch my activity at my Fitbit page  Step total this week 34,003, average 4,858

The next milestone is getting back below 200.  I will get there and go on.

Official Weigh In Weight

203.2 pounds

Weight Change this week: -1.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date: -1.6 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/25


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