The Creativity Project – Creativity Crunch

So this is the post where I explain that my writing is keeping me from my writing.


In the average week, here is the bottom line writing that I have committed to creating:

creativity-illo-2Three approximately five hundred word scripts for my radio program “The View From the Phlipside”.  Those scripts then have to be recorded and produced.

A weekly movie review.

At least one other post (book review or other topics)  (You can find all that writing at my other blog “The View From the Phlipside”)

On this blog, I need to produce a weekly weight loss post (Time to Change), a weekly Creativity Project post and one other post on varying subjects.

So that’s six blog posts a week, averaging about three hundred words each.  Beyond that, there is some writing that I need to do at work.  While I have time set aside for those, it still taps into the creative energy that I have at any given moment.

Consequently, I am way behind on the writing I’m supposed to be doing as my Lenten discipline.  Part of this issue is a matter of discipline.  I’m not showing a lot of that quality in my writing.  Too much of it is being done at the last minute.  Things like reviews can, and should, be done well in advance.  If you have enough of a cushion then a busy week (and last week was a BUSY week for me), is something that you can survive without any difficulty.  When you are constantly dancing along the edge of falling behind.

That busy week coincided with two difficult challenges for me in the photography challenge.  With very little time combined with challenges that require more thought and preparation has really put me against the wall.  I went from a two-week cushion to nothing in an eyeblink.

Some of these can’t be “pre-set”.  The Time to Change posts are linked to my weekly weigh-ins.  The radio scripts are done on a weekly basis.  Since I want them to be at least a little timely that means I can only write them so far in advance.

In the end, it means that I need to bring a little discipline to the writing, avoid that last minute pattern and make sure that I have both the creative room and energy to do the things I want to do.


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