Time to Change – A Plan, A Bicycle



A note about the upcoming week.  I will be on a service project trip with my youth group next week.  I will not get back until mid-day on Saturday, so next week’s post will be late.  Just so you know.

So I’m trying to be better organized about this whole thing.  You know, a plan.  Part of that is getting better with exercise.  As noted here before, I dislike exercise generally.  The one form of it that I do enjoy is biking.  Unfortunately, for the last several years my home has been a third floor walk-up apartment.  With no place on the ground level for the bike to live.  Carrying it up and down the stairs was a pain in the butt.  Which means I only rarely got it rolling.

That has been solved by moving to a new address, where access to my wheels is much simpler.  So I dusted off the bike and did a couple shake down rides.   The first thing I noticed was that my legs had lost their riding conditioning.  Even mild hills were a challenge.  That didn’t worry me because I knew it would come back relatively quickly.  The machine itself seemed to be in good shape.  So I was excited to get going.

There was one thing that concerned me.  In my old riding neighborhoods, there was usually some runoff area in case of emergency (cars going by too closely, animals suddenly appearing in front of you, potholes etc).  In Virginia, there is no run off at all generally.  No berm and usually a ditch at the side of the road.  That made me a little nervous.  After the first ride, it became obvious that drivers will usually give you the room you need and that the SOBs are in no greater percentage than in WNY.

On my second ride, I decided to do a little exploring.  I found some great side roads with some good shade (summer time is a lot warmer down here).  None of the hills were beyond my abilities and it felt good.  Then, about a mile from home…


As the question “What the heck is that?” popped into my head the far more identifiable sound took over…

Whble, whble, whble.

Great.  A flat.  Something I almost never have.  No one at home to come rescue me either.  So I slowly walked the wounded machine back home.

With the service trip coming up, I don’t have time to get a new tube and install it (and maybe tuck a second one into my seat bag, just in case).  So after two rides, I’m done for the moment.  I did discover some good things about me, the bike and the local riding opportunities.  When I get back, we will get on the road again, ASAP.

It’s a start.


My resolution remains:

This guy – 2009

I want to am going to be The Guy again.  The Guy weighed 175 pounds and looked good and felt good.  And his blood pressure was good and his blood tests were good. (New photo of The Guy)

Watch my activity at my Fitbit page  Step total this week 31,009, average 5,119.  The goal is 70,000/10,000.

The next milestone is getting back below 200.  I will get there and go on.

Official Weigh In Weight

205.6 pounds

Weight Change this week: 0.0 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date: -0.0 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/25


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