The Creativity Project – Creative Thinking For Christmas


Creativity comes in the strangest places some days.

This past week, it came in the realm of finding Christmas presents for the Lady in My Life.  (If that reference is new to you, I simply mean my wife.  I’ll share the story that goes with that phrase early next year, I promise)

My Lady has a creative husband and a creative child.  There are days when I think she feels like she’s letting the team down.  She doesn’t see herself as creative.  I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative.  It doesn’t mean that we are all “great artists” (whatever the hell that means).  I will never make my living playing my guitar or singing.  That’s not why I do it.  Those things bring me joy.  Naturally, I want to help my Lady find her joy.

My assigned task was to find a hobby for her.  Something that could produce something of some value or use.

THAT was going to call on all my creativity!

So I have been thinking creatively about a hobby for someone I know well and love better.  We began by walking through a local arts and crafts store.  Her assignment was to simply look and tell me if anything jumped out at her.  Don’t worry about skill or cost or anything except “That looks interesting”.

One of the most important things about creating something is knowing when to stop.  I kept reminding myself that all these ideas were on a tryout basis.  Some may not make the cut, so there’s no point in buying the advanced, specialist bits.

Plus I had a budget.

I’ve made my selections.  Now we’ll see how it works out.

Never stop creating.




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