Life Among the Unemployed – End of the Year

There’s really nothing to report.


I look at all the sites I can think of, and apply for anything that looks even vaguely in my area.  But this is a terrible time to be unemployed.  Even the jobs listed won’t be filled till the New Year.

Meanwhile, Christmas will still be Christmas, just a little leaner.  That’s fine.


But it’s no damn fun.


Unless something really interesting comes along, I’m going to give this series a rest into that new year.

Somewhere out there is the need for a great story teller.  They probably don’t think about their opening in that way, but it is.  And I will find them.

Have a wonderful holiday, however you may celebrate it (or not).

So I will keep my head up, my eyes open, my heart strong.

Waiting to see the next chapter in my life.

Whatever it turns out to be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.



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