The Creativity Project – Creative Obstacles


It’s amazing the places that will put things in your way when you’re trying to be creative.


With my first book available (paperback and e-book), I’m trying to keep the writing momentum going.  The holidays are not helping.  Places to go, people to see, chores to be handled.  Just ties up time when I could be doing something creative.

On the other hand, I’m unemployed so I have a lot MORE time to fill.  One of the things I’m doing is trying to do some reading on various kinds of creativity.  So I’m checking out photo blogs and newsletters and writing blogs and newsletter.

And then they decide to throw some roadblocks in my way.

Really people?

They don’t mean to, I know.  But the writing community is ticking me off right now.  First, struggling writers are apparently rolling in money, and can easily be separated from said money.  Because it seems like everyone has something to sell you.  Books (on writing books, or blogs, or newsletters or whatever), and seminars and webinars and consultations.  After a while, it sounds like a con game.  Which is depressing.  Which creates a roadblock.

Then you read some of the “articles” in the newsletters.  They are free and written, we are told, by people who have achieved some level of success as writers.   Oooooooh, secrets to be shared!

I opened one titled “5 Steps to Writing A Bestseller”.  Let me be honest and say I generally hold out very little hope for articles like this.  It is usually very general, not particularly helpful bits of fairly obvious advice.  From the very beginning, you have to know this is a losing proposition.  There’s no formula for writing a best-selling book.  There just isn’t.  But you never know till you read it.

Step 1 – Write a Good Book.

I stopped reading.

I’m having real trouble trying to put into words how much that first step ticks me off.  Apparently, I’m stupid.  I must be since the writer seems to think that it has never occurred to me that writing a good book was part of the goal.  Shoot, any old piece of semi-articulate drivel can be tossed off and it will sell like hotcakes (spare me the reminders about “Fifty Shades of Grey” or “Twilight”).  This person honestly thought that for this story, that was where they needed to start.

All that irritation creates another roadblock.

What I need to do is ignore all the “experts” and just do what I do.  Work on getting better every day.  Not letting anything block the creative road.  The holidays will pass.  I’ll get a new job.  People will write silly articles about creativity.  I need to remember my single concept.

Never stop creating.

I am taking next week off from creating these blog posts.  Taking an end of year break is just a thing I do.  See you in the new one.  Be safe, be happy.




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