The Creativity Project – The Struggle


Being creative is something I really want to do.

I want to be creative regularly, even daily.

Being creative starts to feel like just another chore, another item on the “to-do list”.

Creativity struggles.


I have to keep reminding myself that it is not, never has been and never will be, about creating a masterpiece every time I begin.  This is a false argument.  Songwriters write lots of bad music along the way to the good.  Writers write bad stories on their way to good.  Photographers will tell you that they shoot dozens, even hundreds of images to get one truly great one.  Part of being creative is the process, a step by step approach to the goal.  A path that comes with missteps and detours.

Creativity isn’t magic.  Lots of people think of it in those terms.  You say the right words, you make the appropriate gestures and, POOF!  Creativity achieved.  I think it was Michelangelo who said the process of sculpture was simply chipping away everything that didn’t look like what you were sculpting.  Creativity is the process of trial and error, imprecision honed to precision, the exploration of imperfection in pursuit of at least near perfection.

Somedays creativity is one long failed experiment.  The next day you come back and try something different.  It is the learning of technique and the rejection of the same.

There’s only one thing that can stop me from creating.  That is to stop trying.

Never stop creating.




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