Time To Change – Milestone!


I have no idea how I missed last week.

When I went to post this week, I realized the oversight.  Ah well, it happens.

After several weeks bouncing back and forth by a pound or so, we showed positive movement again this week.  While I did pass a milestone weight, I know not to get too excited.  So easy to slip those two-tenths of a pound back on and end on the other side again.

But for the moment, it’s time to celebrate.

Nothing spectacular.  Portion control.  A bit more exercise.  Making sure I drink enough water.

It’s a simple program.

So let’s put a little more distance between me and that milestone.  Then I’ll really celebrate.



My resolution remains:

I want to am going to be The Guy again.  The Guy weighed 175 pounds and looked good and felt good.  And his blood pressure was good and his blood tests were good. (New photo of The Guy)

Watch my activity at my Fitbit page

The next milestone is getting back below 190.  I will get there and go on.

Official Weigh In Weight

189.8 pounds

Weight Change this week:  – 1.0 pounds

Total Weight Loss To Date: – 14.3 pounds

Goal Weight and Total to Lose – 175/25


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