Life Among the Unemployed – Trying Something New

(These posts will appear when there is something to report)

In my last post in this series a couple weeks back, I mentioned that I had begun the process of becoming a substitute teacher in the local school district.



All that paperwork, fingerprinting, background check and TB testing has been completed.  I have a week of subbing under my belt as well.

It’s harder than you might think.

I sat in for a 4th-grade teacher this past week.  Worked with the kids all day on science and other subjects.  It was a mental challenge because, well, they’re fourth graders.  The closest thing to perpetual motion machines ever created by mankind.  Plus we’re having an early spring hereabouts.  My Fitbit registered 8,000+ steps during school that day.  Roughly four miles.

The job is mentally and physically challenging.  You are pretty much alone.  The school expects that you can handle the class and don’t require much, if any, assistance.  As a brand new sub, I’m walking into buildings where I don’t know where the office, the teacher’s restrooms, or anything else is.  You don’t know the students, and until you hit the classroom you have no idea what you are going to be doing.  Oh, and making sure you park in the right place and come in the proper door is a challenge as well.  If you’re not good at dealing with the unknown, this is probably not the job for you.

So far, I’ve done high schools twice, middle school and elementary school once each.  I sat in the back while a student teacher handled the class, subbed for half of a teaching team (and the regular teacher did all the “heavy lifting”), the fourth graders and tenth grade English.  Four different schools, each with a slightly different way of handling substitute teachers.

For high school I had to be there around 7 AM, elementary school didn’t start till 9.  Twice I’ve had lunch with other teachers, twice in the classroom.

My respect for teachers continues to grow.

In the meantime, it’s putting a little extra money in the bank account.

So I will keep my head up, my eyes open, my heart strong.

Waiting to see the next chapter in my life.

Whatever it turns out to be.

And I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.



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