Creativity – The Short Story

Almost a year ago, I published my first book, a short story collection titled “Shorts“.  While there are several novel-length projects also under way, the short story has always been one of my favorite story forms.  But it’s one that doesn’t get much respect.  Over on my other blog, “The View From the Phlipside“, I review movies, books, and music along with my long standing radio program on the media.  Beginning in July I will be trying to return the short story to its previous level of respect.

Check out my post for more.

The plan includes expanded posts on Creativity here (again!).

Here’s a great cartoon to get us started here.  This is from Tom Gauld,  a London-based cartoonist who is regularly published in The Guardian, The New York Times, and New Scientist.

Nope, I won’t quit.  I won’t.


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