And We’re Back…

Here’s what’s new moving forward

The first thing you notice is that I’ve redone the look (again).  I think this is either the third or fourth re-make.  I’ve never been happy with any of the previous versions.  This is the closest to what I have envisioned for this blog.  I want you to be able to see more than just one post quickly, so you can scan through looking for interesting pieces.  This includes a new photo (mine, of the James River near Richmond) at the top, a re-vamped menu, and a new color scheme.  The goal was to create a look that centered on me, my writing and my home region.

If history is any guide, I’ll be happy with it for about two years, disgruntled for two more and then change it again, lol!

But I’m also happier with a better focus on the subject here.  This is a creative blog, with it’s principle endeavor being writing.  But it will include all the ways I try to express my creative urge.  So there will posts on the creativity of cooking, music, drawing, and photography.

It will also deal with the surrounding issues that play into my attempt at a creative life.  I believe that there is a strong link between creativity and health.  Physical, mental and spiritual.  So that means posts on my ongoing attempt to be “The Guy” once again, adventures on my bicycle, and the occasional foray into questions of the spirit.  The challenges of balancing work (especially when you don’t have a full time job) and creativity and relaxation.  My hope is only to spark some discussion along the way.

Oh, I plan to put some of my creative efforts on display as well!  No point in just talking about creativity.

There are still some new ideas percolating through my brain.  So the changes may not be over yet.  I hope you enjoy this iteration of the blog.  If you have questions or requests, I hope you’ll pass them along.



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