You Call, I Drive

Funny stories for some less than funny times!

I’ve been working as a rideshare driver (Uber and Lyft) for almost five years.  That’s 5,000+ rides!  Out of those rides have come some wonderful stories.  Funny stories, touching stories, stories that will make you scratch your head, there’s even a little sex and money floating around!

You Call, smallI’ve enjoyed my time as a driver (OK, MOSTLY enjoyed it), but writing this book was a lot of fun.  In addition to the stories, I offer up my best advice on what you can do to get the best experience out of your ride.

So I was very happy when one of my reviewers said: “If you use rideshare, you need to read this book.”  Just like when you climb into my car, I want you to feel comfortable, have fun, and maybe pick up a tip or two.

You can find “You Call, I Drive” in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.  Go HERE for all your shopping options.

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