An Image of Creativity

As (I hope) our discussion grows about creativity, I’d love to see what other people are working on in whatever their creative zone is. As I’ve said before, my creative zones are writing (long time), photography (long time, watercolor painting (short time), and guitar/music (medium time). It’s only fair that if I’m asking other folks to share, I ought to lead the way. A couple weeks ago, I shared a little bit of writing (A Hint About My Creativity). Eventually, I will share some of my painting and guitar playing, but those require more courage than I can muster this year, lol. I’ll write about being a beginner next year as well.

But for today, let’s play with pictures. I started playing seriously with a camera in high school. My graduation present was my beloved Olympus OM-1MD, 35mm SLR. Which was stolen my freshman year in college! I got a replacement and had a handful of other cameras over the years. Today, I work in digital with Fujifilm Finepix F1000fd. Nice little compact camera that’s easy to take everywhere.

Over the last several months, I’ve wandered several times with the camera at hand. These first pictures are from late summer, on a ramble through part of the city of Richmond, VA. While I miss the hands-on aspects of 35mm photography, I appreciate the freedom digital gives me. I no longer have to worry how many rolls of film I have, or how many shots are left in the camera. My card will hold hundreds of photos, which allows me to explore freely. Multiple shots of the same subject? Go for it. Find the shot you like.

In this case, I was caught by the combination of light, color, and form. Over the years, I’ve learned the value of looking up, down, and from side to side. You never know where the shot may be waiting. This time it was at my feet.

Shot one is was first look at the subject. (For transparency, let me say that I moved the leaf a little to get it into the position I wanted. It started not far from where you see it, but it wasn’t as interesting to me. I also moved the twig when I did the second shot. No apologies, it’s part of the process.) I do not automatically go for balanced, uniform images. So my first thought was to let the sidewalk cracks move at angles to the frame. In the second shot, I tried a look that was “squarer” to the frame. Which do I like better? It depends on the day and my mood! Generally, I like the second a little better. The shadow down the right-hand side appeals to me. In both, I love the details of the texture of the sidewalk, and the ribs of the leaf.


My favorite subjects to shoot are always inanimate objects and landscapes. Years ago, someone pointed out that there are rarely any people in my shots. When there are people they are far away or facing away. It’s not that I NEVER take pictures that feature people, it’s just not my first thought.

So, as I said, I’d love to see (or hear or whatever) you are doing in your creative life. Share something in the comments below, a picture or a link. Tell me which photo you prefer!

Whatever else, keep creating!


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