Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

A new year and with it a tradition of New Year’s Resolutions(NYR)!

Let’s talk about my history with NYR.

Like most people, my list of failed, foiled, and forgotten resolutions is longer than the list of resolutions completed. Part of this is my boundless optimism and expectation. In 2017, my NYR ran to 15 goals. I achieved about five of them. Once upon a time, I was told that my expectations for myself were often unreasonable. File that list under “Proof Positive” and move on. So what did I do in 2018? Decided I’d try the same list again. My performance in year 2 (having done the easy ones already) was worse than the first time through.


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For 2020, I acknowledged my failure and went simple. Three resolutions. Two of which I achieved. The third, doing something creative every week, was wiped out by events of the year and their effect on me. COVID-19’s assault on our lifestyles and the resultant depression that came with it made this one beyond my ability. But a rare success overall, I’d judge.

So, 2022. I’ve positioned this blog as my creativity center, so this list will be just for the creative part of my life. The underlying assumption is that I will do something weekly. My hope is that I’ll do something in each area weekly, but I’ll take what I can get. So, my goals for 2022:

1: Writing – New work this year (one short, and progress on one long), and submit something somewhere.

2: Guitar – One new song that involves a new chord.

3: Photography– New work every month that is shared here. Find a place to submit and do so.

4: Watercolor– Create an original work to be used as our Christmas card.

That looks too easy. But it also looks doable. Maybe I’ll learn two (or three!) new songs. Not just make progress on a longer WIP, but finish one! This list isn’t about the ceiling, it’s about the floor. I need some way to keep these goals in front of me this year.

So, do you have creative goals for this year? Share them, if you like!


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