Learning New Skills

One of the “discoveries” on my journey into watercolor painting is that I have no background in drawing. I am an inveterate doodler, but my preferred style there are geometric shapes. Flat squares, triangles, and -gons of various descriptions. Most of which is no help when I’m trying to paint leaves, trees, houses, and stuff. So, when someone recommended some videos from Chris Petri, I took a look. He has a series for “Extreme Beginners” which struck my whimsey. That’s me! He talks about taking ten or fifteen minutes a day to draw something, anything. Do it every day and you will get better. Hardly earth-shattering revelations, but what I needed to hear. Here’s the video:

That seemed like a reasonable idea. Digging into my various drawers of stuff, I found lots of paper to sketch on, so I got started. I will admit that I’m not into the everyday routine yet, but I’m working towards it.

Now comes the hard part. Sharing. I believe it’s important, especially for beginners to see other beginners work. So it’s put up or shut up time. On the whole, for someone with ZERO drawing background, I’ll say these aren’t bad.

I like the lighthouse and tree better than the fruit (even I don’t know what it is) and the street. My perspective work is a work in progress.

The page is roughly 8×11. There are two larger drawings on the back. No, I’m not hiding them, I don’t have a picture. I’m working with an HB pencil. Why? No idea. I have a fairly wide range of pencils. Any suggestions are gratefully recieved.

The goal is to not only get better sketching/drawing in its own right but to take that into the painting arena as well.

So what new skills are you trying? Is it for a purpose or just for fun? Both are perfectly acceptable reasons to learn. I’ll keep sharing my learning process as we go along.


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