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Peeking At A Rural Wonder

I can not explain my “thing” for barns. But they fascinate me. On a trip last summer into wine country in northern Virginia, I spotted this one on my first day. My wife graciously agreed to stop at the side of the road so I could take eighteen different shots. Some were cropped wider, some tighter, others were shot with a range of exposures. The sky was high and cloud covered, a “bald” sky as one instructor taught me years ago. The good part of this kind of lighting is its eveness with few shadows. It can also give you some wonderful color saturation.

As a suburban boy there is always a feeling that I’m intruding on realms I neither understand nor to which I belong. This shot, framed through a gap in some shrubs brought that feeling home the best.

You can find more of my photography and other creative efforts on my Instagram page @jayphillippi


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