J.D. Phillippi

Welcome to the mind of life long story teller J. D. Phillippi.  This is my writing and creativity blog.

I have been a storyteller all my life. Today I continue to find ways to tell the stories that I see and hear and find all around me.

JD_PhillippiOldest of three boys, native to the Pittsburgh, PA area, I have always considered myself rather boring.  In my life so far, people have paid me to be an actor, a dishwasher, a bellhop, a muffin baker, a newscaster, a copywriter, the MC of the Independence Day parade, a voice-over announcer, a radio disc jockey, a youth minister, an audiobook narrator, and a substitute teacher.  Occasionally people even buy my books!

I was a fairly mediocre boyfriend but I’m told I’m a pretty good husband and father.  I love to cook but struggle with baking bread.  I love photography, books, movies, and music.

Oh, and stories are my life.

Consistently, through all the stages of my life, I have created and/or told stories.  Nothing makes me happier.  I hope you’ll settle in and let me tell you a few stories.

Looking for more?

Check out my media/movies blog at The View From The Phlipside

My website with links to all my books at J.D. Phillippi

On Twitter – @phlipsidejdp  (for writing/creativity) or @radiophlipside   (for media/movies)

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