Where It All Began

Neil Gaiman takes us on a trip below Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (1997) - Richard Mayhew isn't special. He's a nice guy with an ordinary life. Until he stops to help a young woman bleeding on the sidewalk. From that moment, his life would never be ordinary again. Mayhew enters the world that exists below... Continue Reading →

The American Painter

Edward Hopper by Carol Troyen (2007)- A collection of nine essays on the life and art of one of the United States’ most celebrated painters. It includes over 100 paintings as examples. This is a massive book, printed on high-quality paper. Originally a companion to a large traveling Hopper exhibition, the result is the classic... Continue Reading →

My Life Creative

Peeking At A Rural Wonder I can not explain my "thing" for barns. But they fascinate me. On a trip last summer into wine country in northern Virginia, I spotted this one on my first day. My wife graciously agreed to stop at the side of the road so I could take eighteen different shots.... Continue Reading →

The Dream Sweeper Comes

Two Favorites in One Crunch Treat! Smoke and Mirrors – Short Fictions and Illusions by Neil Gaiman (1998) I love short stories, and over the last several years I have developed a deep appreciation of Neil Gaiman. So this was a wonderful surprise when I found it on the library shelf. In today’s literary world,... Continue Reading →

My Life Creative

Here's another addition to some of the work I've been doing. The weather is getting warm enough again to get out and explore on a regular basis. I will go out when the weather is less pleasant but it's not my favorite. To each their own. This striking heron was from last summer along a... Continue Reading →

Not A Full Data Set

Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir: Inspired by True Events by Brent Spiner (2021) Brent Spiner (Data on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) wrote a book that is part memoir, part noir mystery, part novel, and part behind-the-scenes look at the beloved, long-running science fiction franchise. The problem is that it’s not enough of any of them... Continue Reading →

Looking Creative

I'm getting into the groove by sharing some photos. I started being "serious" with the camera back in the '70s. This photo, which appears on the cover of my first book, is from 8 years ago. I have a fondness for it. This falls into the "Where do you find your ideas?" discussion. Literally, everywhere.... Continue Reading →

The Lie of Perfection

If You Wait till You’re Ready, You’ll Wait Forever I have been working on all kinds of cool ideas. Ideas for this blog, for my other blog, for writing projects, painting projects, photo projects, A PODCAST! And I keep telling myself that as soon as I get everything ready and organized, I’ll launch them. Then... Continue Reading →

A Dying Lake and a Dead Man

Don’t Cry, Tai Lake by Qiu Xiaolong (2012) - Chief Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Police is sent to a resort reserved for higher levels cadres in China. The compound is in a town he visited as a child and has changed as much as he has. During his stay, Inspector Chen meets a... Continue Reading →

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