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Welcome to the home of all my books (so far)!

The ebooks are available in as many places as I can get them, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple, Kobo and more. Print versions are available as well. Audiobooks are in the works. Check to see if there’s one available. Great stocking stuffer, office gift exchange, or gift for anyone on your list who loves to read!

You can check the updated list of where to buy the book HERE

These books are available for bookstores to sell, and for library shelves as well. Nothing would make me prouder than to discover one of my books on your shelves. Please contact me for details.

For more details on my writing check out my webpage at

My first published book is “Shorts-A Collection of Short Fiction”.

Shorts - A Collection of Short Fiction by JD PhillippiShort stories are a passion of mine.  This first collection of 16 stories covers a wide range of genres.  It includes my very first successful story, plus stories written specifically for the collection.  Some stories are funny, sentimental, and maybe even a little spooky.  It’s a book you can toss into a purse or backpack so you have something to read in a spare moment.

The book is available in both paperback and ebook.  Ebook price is $2.99, and the paperback is a mere $5.99.  An audiobook version is in production.

You Call, I Drive (2016) – Some of the stories from my thousands of rides as a rideshare driver.  I met all kinds of people. From a former mayor of the city to dancers at local men’s clubs, every part of the local community has been through my doors.

In “You Call, I Drive” you get my favorite stories, plus thoughts on the ride-share industry and experience. The stories range from rowdy women to my biggest tip to the rider who “loved” me. Along the way you will get a feel for what it’s like to spend hours cruising through the city, picking up and dropping off people on their way to work, home, or to a night out. There’s a little drama along the way, a lot of interesting conversation, and one ride that stands out above all the others. There’s also frustration and boredom.

In addition, I share my tips on how to increase your safety taking a rideshare trip and advice on how to improve your overall rideshare experience.

The ebook version is $4.99, the paperback is $5.99, and the audiobook is $6.04.

O Christmas Three () – Three of the great classics of Christmas in one volume!  Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”, “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” by Clement Moore (known to most of us as “The Night Before Christmas”), and O. Henry’s poignant story of love at Christmas time “The Gifts of the Magi”.  But that’s not all!  Each story has its own backstory, and contribution to Christmas as we celebrate it today.  Those stories are included as well.

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