The Unwelcome Voice

So, if I start telling you about a small "voice inside my head", you won't freak out, will you? Because, while it's a problem, it's not THAT kind of problem. I promise. I call this voice "The Critic". Some of you are nodding your heads now. You know this nasty little swine, don't you? I... Continue Reading →

Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations A new year and with it a tradition of New Year’s Resolutions(NYR)! Let’s talk about my history with NYR. Like most people, my list of failed, foiled, and forgotten resolutions is longer than the list of resolutions completed. Part of this is my boundless optimism and expectation. In 2017, my NYR ran to... Continue Reading →

The Mid-Year Review

Wherein, I rat myself out. One of the great things about New Year's resolutions is that, by this time of year, everyone has forgotten that you ever made any. But I did make some (HERE), and the idea was to work towards them all.  So with half the year behind me, it's time to see... Continue Reading →

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