Review Policy

My reviews are intended to be a “recommendation from a friend”.  So I’m not going in-depth into the themes or style.  It’s mostly why I like the book and what I think it has to offer another reader.  They will NOT include long summaries of the story of the book.  Reviews of that sort annoy me.  It smacks of school book essays that are trying to pad themselves out to the required length.  My goal is to give you enough to determine if the book sounds interesting.  That and no more.

All books reviewed here are given as fair and honest a review as I can offer.  That review WILL be affected by my tastes in reading materials, my standards for quality writing and storytelling.  A review is my OPINION.  I can dislike the author and still enjoy the book.  My objective is to be clear as to why I like/dislike any given book.

Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) – are copies of books provided by the author or the publisher for free.  The goal is to get a review.  Any book that I receive as an ARC will be so noted at the end of the review.  Sending me an ARC means that if and when I read your book it will get an honest review based on my thoughts.  Sending me a free book isn’t a payment for a good review.

Ratings – I use a five-star rating system.

  • 1 Start (*) – Don’t Bother.  A book that has no interesting aspects to it.  Not worth your time to read. As your friend, I’m telling you to find something else.
  • 2 star (**) – Not Impressed. This book has one or two interesting aspects but overall was not good.  If you like those aspects, maybe you’ll want to read it.  Otherwise, no.
  • 3 stars (***) – Worth A Look. This book has a nice combination of writing and storytelling.  While not perfect, it is certainly worth reading. As your friend, this could be a good book for an otherwise slow weekend.
  • 4 star (****) – Recommended. This book did a very good job with all the elements.  I found it interesting and enjoyable to read.  This is a book I’m going to tell you to read.
  • 5 star (*****) – A book I may have in my library (or wish I did).  This is a book that nails all the parts of a great book-great concept, great storytelling, great writing.  If I loan you this book, I want it back!

Pretty simple, really.  No flashy graphics, just the review, and the straightforward stars.  Maybe someday.

If You Would Like Me To Review Your Book

I can only read so many books, this is not my full-time job. (Help me figure out how to make it my full-time job and I’ll love you forever!  Still won’t guarantee a good review, though)  I like mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, some fantasy, mainstream fiction, and histories/bios.  Convince me to put your book on my list.  Ebooks (epubs and Kindle) preferred, but I enjoy a paper book too.  You can contact me at

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